Sabina Elias Felipe, Ocumicho, Michoacán

Sabina Elias Felipe, Ocumicho, Michoacán

Sabina Elias Felipe began working with clay at the age of six.  Her mother was the first potter in the family.  The type of work done by Sabina has not been done for generations in Ocumicho.  It used to be said that clay items were made in molds rather than the manual way they are made today.

Sadina makes all the clay figures herself, sometimes her sister helps with the painting.  The clay is purchased from San Jose de Garcia in powder form.  Ellia turns the powder into clay by adding water and working with it.

She won her first award at maybe 10 years old.  She has won many awards during her lifetime, first place at least twice, several second and third places nationally.  At the state level, she has won many awards, including first places in Dia de Los Muertos in Patzcuaro, Semana Santa in Uruapan and Morelia and at the loco level.

Inspiration comes from various sources.  One source is the description her mother gave her of how her people carried their work (after molds) on their backs to different towns to sell it.  She saw in her mind what it was like and became a guacalero (in a Mexican market, a man who makes a living carrying boxes of vegetables, fruits on his back) like a demon.  It made him look like he was walking around with all his goods on his back.

Calle Pino Suarez S/N, 

Ocumicho, Michoacán

423 519 9424 casa, 351 100 7054 cellphone (best number to reach her - leave message with nephew Jorge)