María Elena González Rodríguez, Mexico City, Mexico

María Elena González Rodríguez, Mexico City, Mexico

María Elena González studied literature, drama and theater at UNAM and dreamed of becoming an actress. She worked her way through school designing theater costumes and began designing jewelry 10 years ago to lighten her economic needs as she realized she was not going to make a living as an actress.

Very soon she found herself impassioned by the possibilities of designs that began to unfold, starting with the fabrics and the skills she had loved since she was a child and watched her mother and aunts creating beautiful articles of clothing using embroidery and small charms as decorations. Her current designs incorporate these techniques and imagination.

Her work is distinguished by being made 100% by hand and using traditional fabrics and techniques of Mexican ethnic groups and iconography like milagros (small charms), roses, virgins and images of Frida Kahlo. Her designs have been well received in shops and museums like the Museo Arte Popular and Frida Kahlo Museum in Mexico City.

She is proud to be one of the first to design and make cloth jewelry using the traditional needlework, embroidery and icons of Mexico.

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Mexico City, Mexico