María Anastasia Peréz Díaz y Polonía Enzin Gómez, Pantelhó, Chiapas

María Anastasia Peréz Díaz y
Polonía Enzin Gómez, Pantelhó, Chiapas

Pantelhó is a Tzotzil community which you will find at the end of the paved road on the San Cristóbal-Pantelhó highway. The drive there is spectacular and will take you through high mountains and beautiful valleys where coffee and all types of fruit are grown. You will pass Chenalhó, Polhó, Acteal and finally arrive in Pantelhó.

The municipality is both Tzotzil and Tzeltal and is the market town for the area. If you visit on market day, you will see a nice variety of huipiles from the various surrounding villages. Coffee and honey are also produced and sold there.

Many women dedicate themselves to making the traditional striped huipiles which they wear very proudly. A huipil is a traditional Mexican loose-fitting blouse/dress, generally made from two or three rectangular pieces of fabric which are then joined together with stitching. Lengths of the huipil can vary from a short blouse-like garment or long enough to reach the floor. The style of traditional huipiles generally indicates the ethnicity and community of the wearer as each have their own methods of creating the fabric and decorations.

María Anastasia Peréz Díaz is an independent artist who dedicates herself mostly to back-strap loom weaving and brocading. She participates in every competition available and works with her mother, sister and other relatives. The huipiles made for ceremonies and competitions are made of coyuche, the indigenous Mexican cotton. Only the brown and white is produced here.

Polonía (Maria's mother) is the President of the Cooperativa Grupo de Mujeres Artesanas Santa Catarina. The group is composed of 150 women who produce commercial quality huipiles. They weave and embroider on a back-strap loom using either coyuche (Mexican native cotton) or regular industrial cotton.

In addition to huipiles, the women weave towels, pillow covers, purses and other items.

Cooperativa Grupo de Mujeres Artisanas Santa Catarina

Calle Francisco Zarabia

Centro, Pantelhó, Chiapas

Doña Polonia Enzin Gómez

Cellphone 919 120 4486 Maria Anastasia

Cellphone 919 120 1530 Doña Polonia