Magdalena Pedro Martínez, San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca

Magdalena Pedro Martínez, San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca

Barro negro (black clay) dressed as a proud tehuana, elegant tuxtepecana, smiling mixteca dancer or china oaxaqueña are the signature creations of Maria Magdalena Pedro Martinez, exceptional ceramic artist of San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca.

Coming from an outstanding family of potters, and at 19 years old she began officially working in clay. Using the barro negro of San Bartolo, Magdalena, a professional doctor, has developed a wide range of feminine figures of the eight regions of the state, in which she uses designs from ancestral huipiles & enredos to rebozos & peinados (all traditional covers and wraps). It is astonishing that even with the lack of color, the figures are able to display all their details, movements and body language.

To do so, a process of elaboration equally detailed is required. Magdalena shapes faces and continues with body parts to give shape and movement to the clothing; the accessories (braids, lace, ribbons, necklaces, and bracelets) are added displaying her knowledge of Oaxaca’s traditions. 

She goes on with assembling the pieces once they are dry. To make them soft and to reach the shades that will display the details, she polishes the figures and burnishes them with quartz — that gives the final touch of shine and contrast that distinguishes her work. Once they are dry, they are burnished again to reach the black shining matte finish. Lastly, in the firing process that lasts 8 hours in an oxygen reduced atmosphere, the darkness of the black clay will be intensified.

Calle Morelos # 42, 

San Bartolo Coyotepec, Oaxaca. 

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