Lucia Mora Sandoval, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua

Lucia Mora Sandoval, Casas Grandes, Chihuahua

Lucy Mora Sandoval began making ceramics at the age of 17 with her main objective being to help support her family and pay household expenses. Her village is small and only men used to work. Now, women contribute as well. Lucy’s husband and children work with her in the process of producing each of their unique pieces.

Lucy is the second generation in her family to make the thin-walled pottery Mata Ortiz has become so famous for. She learned from her mother. Most of the people in her community also make pottery.

Like all potters in the Mata Ortiz tradition, the artist uses no potter’s wheel, kiln, glazes, nor any chemical materials. All pottery is hand formed without the use of a potter’s wheel, from locally dug clay. It is hand painted with natural mineral or plant colors and fired over open ground without the use of a kiln. The shaping, polishing and painting is entirely done by hand, often with brushes made from children’s hair.

Spencer McCallum recommended Lucy to the Feria’s Artist Selection Committee. For years now, Spencer, who is well-known for his discovering the now famous Juan Quezada, has assisted the Feria with names of new upcoming Mata Ortiz artisans.

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Colonia Juan Mata Ortiz

Casas Grandes, Chihuahua

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