Liliana Pascual Bautista, Ahuiran, Michoacán

Liliana Pascual Bautista, Ahuiran, Michoacán

Liliana Pascual Bautista weaves very unique rebozos (shawls) using the back-strap loom. She comes from a very well-known family of rebozo weavers — she is the niece of a great master weaver, Cecilia Bautista.

Liliana is married and has two children. She began weaving rebozos at the age of 10, and it is a tradition that comes from her great-great-grandmother. She has taught her son to weave. Family members have learned the art of hand-knotting the ends of the rebozo (rapacejos) which is similar to the macramé.

The rebozos are generally classified into classic and indigenous. The classic rebozos come in different colors with pre-Hispanic art designs called plumeria or creating images with the feathers. The difference between the various indigenous designs and colors, makes it possible to distinguish the group to which the women belong. While most rebozos use more than one color, the monochromatic versions are called Chalinas. While Liliana makes the traditional rebozos, she also tries to innovate her creations. Her latest creation was to make a poncho using her rebozos.

The process used by Liliana is that first she dyes her stamens white, and she does so with natural dyes. The yarn is dried and separated into boletines, which are wooden sticks. There is the process of counting the threads and combining colors, depending on what is going to be woven. Then she takes the thread from the boletines and ties it to her patakua, a Purepecha word for the back-strap loom. It takes her approximately two months to make a rebozo. This includes weaving, knotting the rapacejos, and adding the woven feathers or flowers.

Unfortunately, in the past, Liliana had to work in the U.S. in the strawberry fields in order to support herself, however, she has returned to her roots in Michoacán to make her beautiful rebozos again. Liliana has won several awards for her rebozos. In 2017, she won FONART's National Award.                                          

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