Juana Gómez Gómez, Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas

Juana Gómez Gómez, Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas

The village of Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas is a Maya Tzeltal speaking community located on the Pan American Highway near San Cristóbal de Las Casas. Amatenango is known as “The Chiapas Capital of Pottery” where local women artisans display and sell their works under covered arches along the side of the highway to passing motorists or from their homes/workshops in the village on a commission basis to specific order. The skills necessary to produce the unique pottery of Amatenango have historically been passed down from mother to daughter over the generations. 

Juana Gómez Gómez is single and embroiders traditional blouses and also makes ceramics.

Calle 16 de Septiembre S/N

Barrio Pie del Cerro

Amatenango del Valle, Chiapas

Message can be left with Juana Gómez Hernández

992 103 6042 cellphone

Email: none