Jorge Alberto González Moreno, Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas

Jorge Alberto González Moreno, Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas

Jorge comes from a family of woodcarvers and his uncles are well known in Chiapa de Corzo. From a young age, Jorge was interested in carving and was imitating, working, and learning from his uncles. Six members of his family are currently involved in woodcarving.

He creates the traditional masks for the various fiestas, religious figures, and does traditional wood carving as well. He is an innovator and works on his own designs with many types of wood and other mediums such as stone and amber. He has received state and national awards for his work and also has exhibited in various events.

In 2011, our Chiapas Artist Coordinator, Brigitte Ordoquy, admired a wonderful carving she saw at a Coneculta competition in Chiapa de Corzo. It was the mask of Ixpiyacoc, one of the divine Maya grandparents of the Popol Vuhl. She wished to purchase the mask, but it was already sold. Brigitte lost the name of the artist; however, in her yearly search for new artists for the Feria, she kept the artist who carved that mask in mind. As is always the case with Brigitte, she finally tracked him down – the artist was Jorge González Moreno.

When she visited Jorge, he had only small pieces available. Luckily, he had been asked by the Regional Museum of Archeology in Tuxtla to do carvings of animals that were important in the pre-Hispanic era and of the indigenous mythology.

Av. Independencia #4

Barrió San Miguel

Chiapa de Corzo, Chiapas

961 216 3535 cellphone

Facebook: ixpiyacoc arte moreno