Jaime Hernández Cruz, Guanajuato, GTO

Jaime Hernández Cruz, Guanajuato, GTO

Jaime Hernández Cruz was born in Morelia, Michoacán, however, he has lived in San Miguel de Allende, Guanajuato since he was 10-years old. When he was 12-years old, he started working for Carlos Papel Mache owned by his brother Carlos Hernández . Eventually, he opened his own workshop Tienda de Corazón with his wife, Julia Alejandra Cerdeneta Serrato and children.

From his work with paper mache, he began using his ideas and techniques working with metal, creating his own designs with bright colors and an unusual Mexican style. His nichos, roosters, lamps, hearts, etc. are unique and turn Jaime\s imagination into reality.

His work is enjoyed internationally from the U.S., Australia, Chile, Italy, Holland, Japan and, of course, Mexico. He has also won several awards and earned a place in the book Artes de Mexico del Juguete Tradicional Edición.

Jaime also strives to return to the traditional designs, relics and sacred art with the purpose of guarding their designs for posterity. Without a doubt one of the least known and most beautiful expressions of Mexican folk art is hojalata (tin art work). Known by the people that work it as “the noble metal” and others as “the poor man’s silver”, tin has been shaped, stamped, punched and cut into a wide variety of artwork. Mexican artisans have specialized in mixing different elements to create unique works of art. The origins of punched metal seem to be lost in the mists of time.

For Jaime, craftsmanship in metals is a way of life and he takes pride in creating unique designs from his unending inspiration.

Jaime Hernández Cruz

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Guanajuato, GTO


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