Hilario y Luis Hernández Sánchez, Metepec, Mexico

Hilario y Luis Hernández Sánchez, Metepec, Mexico

Hilario Hernández Sánchez’ father, Teobaldo Marcial Hernández Cajero, worked in a taller de barro (clay workshop). When Hilario was five years old, he began going to work with his father. Here he learned to decorate the pieces his father would make. At first, he just painted dishes, jugs and plates. Then, he began making his own árboles de la vida (trees of life).

When he was eight years old, he participated in his first concurso (judged art show) where he won Second Place. It was an incentive to continue learning and improving his work. Because he was so young, he worked with maestros (teachers) who were much older than he. It was from them, he learned the ceremony, process, meaning and above all the love and affection that his art requires. The love of his craft has taken him to places far and wide and he has met people who admire and appreciate the work he has become so well known for.Hilario’s family has worked with clay for generations. Some of his relatives came from the pueblo of Santiaguito Tlalzilalcali, where the production techniques and elaboration of the pieces is very different. They also taught him and his brothers a different value and vision of their work. Hilario says with great pride, “Since my childhood, I have practiced and learned the noble trade of working with clay, and am fortunate to have such a varied background in techniques and styles.”

When Hilario was young, their house and workshop were together. Now, he works in a family workshop, Taller Familiar El Sol — his father and mother, brothers (Antonio, Martin, Felipe, Luis) and Hilario. Everyone understands and assists in the entire creative process, and Hilario believes this is one reason their work is richer and is inspired with different visions, making the final product very unique. The family has garnered over 150 national awards as well as from other countries. Hilario has over 80 national awards and some recognition from other countries.

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