Florencia Espinal Ramírez, Olinalá, Guerrero

Florencia Espinal Ramírez, Olinalá, Guerrero

Florencia Espinal Ramirez lives in Texalpa-Olinalá, with her husband and two children, aged 16 and 18. She learned to work with lacquer from her husband's family, who have worked with lacquer for more than 50 years. The four members of the family collaborate to make the work for which Olinalá is famous.

The art of lacquer work was originally brought to Guerrero from the Orient in the 1600s and 1700s by ships arriving in Guerrero from Manila. The vast majority of the inhabitants living in Olinalá work with lacquer and produce lacquered wooden objects, their work is exported all over the world.

Wood is the basis of the lacquer that Florencia and her family produce. First they begin by sanding it and sealing it with a varnish made from natural oils and pigments from the earth, such as earth and stones found in Olinalá. After drying, a stone is used to burnish the surface until smooth. More powdered pigments are mixed with oil and multiple layers are applied until the desired tone and sheen is reached. After drying for a month, the piece is ready to be decorated. Using homemade brushes, made from turkey feathers, the drawings are made.

Florencia has participated in Fonart competitions for more than ten years, and has won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in various competitions over the years. She has also participated in Fomento Cultural Banamex events and has been awarded for the excellent quality of her work.

Florencia Espinal Ramírez

Vicente Guerrero #97

Texalpa, Olinalá, Guerrero

756 473 0672