Juan Gómez Peréz (Xun Utx),
Tenejapa, Chiapas

The municipality of Tenejapa belongs to the Tzeltal zone of the Chiapas Highlands, bordering the municipalities of Chenalhó, Cancuc, Oxchuc, San Cristóbal de las Casas, Huixtán and San Juan Chamula. The people grow vertical crops as there are not many other livelihood opportunities outside of growing corn, beans, coffee and tropical fruits.

Juan lives and works with his sister Sebastiana and his niece Rosa. The three of them dedicate three days a week to weaving and the rest of the days to planting as well as a way to get away from the weaving work.

Juan's first love is in planting, but he learned the weaving trade from his mother when he was a child. All three family members are expert weavers. Juan and Sebastiana have been recognized numerous times for their work. Their ceremonial garments, table runners and bags are sought after by collectors because of their quality and limited production.

They dye the wool with plants, mosses and insects, including Indigo and cochineal. Rosa is the expert in the dyeing process, which she enjoys doing because she is especially good at remembering recipes and their proportions.

Sebastiana is recognized for her work making ceremonial huipiles and Juan for traditional belts and garments for men.

They do not usually participate in events due to the limited amount of items they produce, but they agreed to come to the Feria and have been making specific pieces for presentation on the days of the event. A ceremonial huipil can take up to a year to make and is a piece of art to wear.

Their most recent awards include First Place in the XXXIV Concurso Estatal de Artesanías Fray Bartolomé de las Casas 2018. As well as a third place in the Ceremonial Costume category in the same contest.

Calle SN, Chacomal, Tenejapa

919 686 5311 la llamada telefónica entre las 6
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