Mario Gerardo Jahuey
Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo

Mario is a craftsman whose work in jewelry inlaid in abalone and juniper wood has distinguished him to be a winner of several awards. Since high school he started as an assistant to a master craftsman. The work requires a lot of detail because each piece must be cut with jewelry tools. The unique style of this craft requires at least five years of experience to master his techniques.

The Mezquital Valley (as Ixmiquilpan is known) does not have the raw materials Mario uses for his detailed work such as abalone (Baja California) and juniper (Jacala de Ledazmo) The pieces that are entirely handmade are made from abalone and the branches and leaves are cut one at a time with a jeweler's bow from the juniper. Each piece requires patience, curiosity and imagination to bring it to completion.

Mario has traveled to various places representing his people and his art form with great pride. He creates objects desired by both men and women: you are assured of having a beautiful and unique piece of art made with dignity and representative of Mario's culture when you purchase a piece of his work.

Cerrada Rubi #5 La Joya

Ixmiquilpan, Hidalgo

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WhatsApp 772 124 4049 celular