Verónica Hernández Gómez, Jitotol, Chiapas

Verónica Hernández Gómez, Jitotol, Chiapas

The Chiapan Jitotol municipality is located up in the mountains on Hwy 195. The road goes between Villahermosa and San Andres Larrainzar and San Cristóbal de las Casas and is one of the most beautiful roads in the state but is in poor condition so the villages in that area, although not far in distance from centers like Bochil, Tuxtla Gutierrez, or San Cristobal, are isolated.

El Laurel is a few minutes north of Jitotol nestled in coffee country and surrounded by almost vertical fields of coffee and corn. The men and women work in the fields and between November and March when the town seems deserted as most able bodied people are harvesting coffee in the mountains.

The women embroider beautiful traditional blouses in their spare time for themselves as well as for the tourist trade and they sell them to Tuxtla Gutierrez and San Cristóbal stores. The blouse that is worn currently is made of white manta embroidered with red thread. Designs are mostly geometric Maya designs. The traditional blouses are worn during special occasions

Calle Principal 

El Laurel

Jitotol Chiapas

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