Teófila Servín Barriga Tzintzuntzán, Michoacán

Teófila & Sandra Servín, Tzintzuntzán, Michoacán

Teófila & Sandra are members of a sewing guild located near Lake Pátzcuaro, Michoacán. The specialty of this cooperative group is very colorful hand-embroidered work on cotton fabric. Their unique designs speak of daily life in the lake communities, with themes of agriculture, fishing, parties, weddings and other special events. The rich imagination of the artisans brings their charming embroidery to life, and their craftsmanship skills are manifested in the handicrafts they sell.                                         

The Pátzcuaro area has always been a lively center of craftsmanship. Before the arrival of the Spanish, local artisans were renowned for their fine jewelry and feather work. The area was devastated during the Conquest, and then Vasco de Quiroga arrived. Don Vasco rebuilt the area and encouraged each village to specialize in a particular craft. The arts were revitalized and Spanish techniques were introduced to produce a wider range of products.

A nice aspect of having the talented artisans of Michoacán at the Feria is that they can embroider for you while you wait, bring your jackets, skirts and they will personalize them for you!

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