Have you considered volunteering but haven't found your "niche?" Maybe you don't want to commit to an ongoing event or charity, but prefer a shorter commitment? Maybe you're looking for a volunteer effort that is "different" — something that combines a good cause and a unique or artistic experience? Then why not consider volunteering, or hosting an artist, for Feria Maestros del Arte?

Our volunteers and hosts donate their hearts and enthusiastic spirits to help the Feria continue its efforts to preserve and promote the "endangered" folk art of Mexico. Already, many forms of Mexican folk art have completely disappeared because artists cannot sustain themselves with their art income alone. More and more artists are abandoning their work to seek employment in the cities or doing menial work where they are assured a guaranteed income.

Why give your time and energy to our organization, and what do we have to offer our volunteers?

  • Meet interesting, artistic, motivated and energetic volunteers.
  • Learn something new.

  • Offer your particular skills or talent without a large time commitment — you choose your level of involvement — one day, one week, more — it’s up to you.

  • Broaden your perspective on Mexico and the unique art found here.
  • A chance to give back something to your host country.

  • Here is a place to put your particular skills or talent to use without a huge time commitment - you choose your level of involvement — one day, one week, more — it’s up to you.

  • Broaden your perspective of Mexico and the unique art unlike any other in the world available here.

  • For expats and snowbirds, give back to your host country and the Lakeside community.

What specific things can you do?

  • There are dozens of volunteer positions: working at the show itself — selling tickets, stamping hands, helping with the charity raffle, etc. etc.!
  • You can help market the Feria event, by passing out flyers locally in the tianguis or other high-traffic areas, and by helping us put it on the calendar of every folk art collector or gallery owner who travels to Mexico.
  • We also look for families/individuals willing to host the artists during the three days they are in Chapala for the Feria event. This is a very special opportunity to connect with Mexico's history, and hosting has become a very popular volunteer effort. Many hosts join with other hosts in the evenings after the show and plan group meals. Often, the artists return year after year, to stay with the same host.
  • Are you computer savvy? We could use your help with social media outreach, internet research, graphic design, blog / newsletter posts, and more. You can even do these at home, wherever you might be.
  • There are other non-Feria event volunteer opportunities as well, perhaps you would like to learn new skills while you help us? Website support, e-Commerce support, grant writing, and marketing to name a few!
  • …or create a niche for yourself — something we haven't thought of!

Whatever level of participation you choose, we guarantee that you will receive more than you give. Ask any of our volunteers or hosts. The artists are very special people, not only because of their creative skills, but because they are so grateful for this opportunity to participate in an event and an organization aimed at promoting and selling their art.

To volunteer or get more information:

Email: info@feriamaestros.com 

Marianne Carlson 
For more information
email: info@feriamaestros.com
or WhatsApp 331 098 4850

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